The New Scunthorpe and Grimsby Advanced Motorist  was formed in June 2018 with the Merger of The Scunthorpe  and the Grimsby and Louth Group.

The reason behind merging both group was to have a larger more effective group to serve the Scunthorpe and Grimsby area for Advanced Driver training based on the IAM Road Smart Program.

The Grimsby and Louth Group Started in 1967 which included the Scunthorpe area this then grew and in 1977 the Scunthorpe Advanced Motorist Group was formed.

As you can see there is a vast amount of knowledge within both groups and now been formed into one larger group can only be good news for the area's motorists.


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Observers Wanted for the Scunthorpe area of the Scunthorpe and Grimsby  Advanced Motorists 
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