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Scunthorpe and Grimsby Advanced Motorists Group are committed to achieving the best possible level of road safety. This can only be realised by maintaining the highest standards through a committed, well-trained, and motivated group of observers. As volunteers our observers give up, freely, their spare time.

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Posted by Mike Mason on 18/09/2018

Finally got here Ian, very straight forward to navigate all looks good.

Posted by Andy Clark on 17/08/2018

A very well put together site gives lots of information

Posted by Terry Heath on 16/08/2018   Email

Well done Ian, it's taken a lot of hard work on your part but now it's all come to fruition, I'm sure you'll agree it's all worth while. It's a brilliant website, full of really good information, and so very easy to navigate. Fantastic stuff. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Posted by Carol Blades on 16/08/2018   Email

Congratulations Ian on the layout and content of the new group website. Looks very professional, with lots of good content. I'm pleased you volunteered to take it on, and I don't have to do it anymore!!

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