Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is advanced driving?

A. For the best possible answer, please see our page: *The Advanced Driving Test*

Q. Would I be able to take the Skill for Life course in my little old car?              

A. You can take the Skill for Life course in any car from a Nissan Micra to a BMW as long as the vehicle is in a roadworthy and legal condition and of course you are legally entitled to drive.

Q. What is an Observer?                                                                                   
A. An Observer is an advanced driver who has completed an additional course and is highly trained to IAM standards.*Observers are not driving instructors* The Observer's role is to offer tips and advice and not to judge driving capabilities (you are all qualified drivers in the first instance)

Q. How long does the course take to complete?                                                
A. The Skill for Life course takes on average 6 weeks (6 one hour sessions) although this depends upon the individual driver... You make one payment regardless of how many observed drives you need to complete the course (our highly trained observers would never allow you to apply for the IAM challenge/test until you were completely ready)

Q. If I was to be unsuccessful in the IAM challenge/test, would that affect my driving licence?                                                                                                  
A. Not at all! In the unlikely event that you were unsuccessful in the IAM challenge/test you would simply be invited to retake it (unlike your first driving test; you could jump into your car and drive home)

Q. What can I expect to happen on an observed drive and what are the observers looking for?                                                                                           
Your very first drive will be an assessment drive; you will be assessed as to whether or not you have the potential to become an advanced driver. You will then receive a demonstration drive where your designated observer will take you out in his/her own car and demonstrate advanced/defensive driving techniques. Observers will score points on a 'Run Sheet' after each drive (1=Commended - 2=Satisfactory - 3=Requires some development) these points will be awarded for: acceleration sense, use of mirrors and hazard assessment to name a few. To put it simply, after your first run you may score 2s and 3s, after your second run you may score 2s. You take as many runs as you need until you score 1s, at which point you will be ready for the IAM challenge/test.                                                                                          
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